The great business of Agbar with water in Barcelona

Abusive increase of rates

Between 2008 and 2015, in Barcelona the water rates increased by 61.45% while supply was being cut for 75,000 families.


Moreover, they also have earned…
76.4 million euros for keeping and renting water meters, which we have already been paying with the costs revealed by the company MUSA-Aquology.
4.1 million euros from fines and new connections for families that suffered cuts in water supply because they could not pay the bills .


What do we pay with the water bill?

Around 56% of the costs included in the tariff charged by Agbar are not directly related to the water service.


Annual benefits of Agbar

Where does the money we pay through the water tariff go?

2014 2015 2016
Agbar (Private benefits) – 85% 23.720.000 € 35.870.000 € 31.540.000 €
AMB (Public benefits) – 15% 4.190.000 € 6.330.000 € 5.570.000 €
Total 27.910.000 € 42.200.000 € 37.110.000 €


Agbar earns 60% more than expected

Agbar has been managing the water in Barcelona for 150 years. Until 2014, the profits that they reported were much lower than those declared after the creation of the joint venture.

With the creation of the joint venture, Agbar established that it would make profit from water management. So far, these profits have exceeded the expected amount in 60%.

Has Agbar earned even greater benefit than what it has declared throughout these 150 years of operation?





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