A little bit of history

The private management of Aguas de Barcelona (Agbar) is associated with many irregularities. Here is a brief summary:



June 26

Agbar operates illegaly without a contract

A judge unveils that for decades Agbar has been managing illegally the water of the city of Barcelona, without signing any contract. Following this discovery, we denounce that there are other 22 municipalities of the metropolitan area of Barcelona which also have no contract.
June 26

The great scam

Without promoting any public contest, AMB carefully selected Agbar to manage the water services of 23 municipalities. A joint venture was created, where Agbar's private participation represented 85% of the shares while the other 15% were public, belonging to AMB. Through the development of this joint venture, Agbar increases its assets by 400% on top of its real value.
June 26

An appeal against the joint venture

Due to a direct and legally dubious adjudication, dozens of allegations, appeals for reinstatement and seven administrative litigation were produced. 
June 26

Annulment of joint venture and the suspicions are confirmed

The TSJC annuls the creation of the joint venture since the concession violates the law. Agbar appeals to the Supreme Court (TS). While waiting for a final court ruling, Agbar continues to maintain the control of the water service.
October 21

Ratificació de la sentència del TSJC

El 30 d’octubre el Tribunal Suprem ha de ratificar la sentència del TSJC. S’obra l’oportunitat de remunicipalitzar l’aigua a L’AMB.
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