Water is read, democracy is written (Se escribe agua, se lee democracia)

Agbar puts its economic interest ahead of the collective interest and prevents technicians and councillors of the municipal governments from getting transparent access to information on how the service works.

We want public management with citizen participation and control. Citizens turn  from being passive clients to active users. and thus, building a shared governance of the water management service in the city.

We want citizens to participate and control the decision making of strategic water policy: sustainability, human rights  and price. That is the reason why we are committed to the creation of a Citizen Water Observatory where families, neighborhood associations, environmental organizations, university researchers and anyone who wishes can make proposals to improve the running of the service. We can see examples of this type of Citizen Observatory in Terrassa and in Paris.

Citizens are tired of corruption and we know that the only way to guarantee good management is to control the management of public services.


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