Why should we talk about sustainability?

To ensure the all Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (MAB) urban water cycle we have to guarantee the sustainability of the environment which supply us with water.

We the citizens not only demand the compliance of the different regulatory framework but also we want to participate in the construction and monitoring of the sustainability policies. We seldom have had the opportunity to decide which are the water sources that give us water , their ecological condition and the quality from the waters returned to their environment.

The guarantee of water supply and sanitation

The main supply sources from the MAB are the Llobregat, Ter and Besòs rivers. The consequences of a high population density, tourism and industry endanger the supply guarantee. The pollution coming from this sectors is detrimental to the environmental aquatic ecosystems and the public health.

The Climate Change and the reduction of the water bodies – an important problem in a context of a mediterranean climate – also concern the guarantee of water supply and sanitation in the MAB.

What we propose

The solutions to ensure the water supply and sanitation, and the environmental management of the integral water cycle should based on rethink the local, autonomical and state policies related to the hydrological planification.

When the politics listen us the interest for the common good lives on. We have some examples like the agreement for the Ter river, where the citizens have demanded to rethink the supply model of the MAB to reduce the environmental pressure to the river basin. During the 2008 drought the citizens got to reduce the domestic water consumption to 107.5 litres per person and day, one of the lowers consumptions to the EU.

The municipal water management should response to the sustainability criterion since the quality of the rivers and ecosystems are at staked. The current water management response to the private interests. Given this situation we want a public and democratic management because it can bring a solution to the big sustainability challenges, guaranteeing the water supply and sanitation.

We want an holistic territorial management that keep in mind the reconsideration of the infraestructures and the use of alternative resources as well as the relationship between the society and the climate change from an horizontal, transparent and democratic view.

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