Together in defense of workers’ labor rights!

Through the campaign, we aim to ensure the rights of Agbar workers.


We believe in keeping workers in their current jobs

The service workers are the backbone of the management and supply of water in the AMB. They are essential for creating and managing the future public and democratic water service.


How to guarantee the labor rights of service workers?

We work to maintain and guarantee the same conditions that the workers currently have in their agreement. The campaign also wants a commitment from the administration to ensure the current working conditions of female workers in the AMB joint venture.


Why would a public company make jobs more stable?

Public management will guarantee the working conditions of workers before the possibility of new tenders where any private company may choose to manage the service with working conditions that could put at risk the rights of workers.

Public management does not depend on concessions or purchase and sales, so this stability will better safeguard the rights of workers. A private company like Agbar depends on the benefit its shareholders get; a decrease in the value of their shares has led to layoffs in the past, and this can happen again in the near future.


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